Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome to Our NEW Blog!!

Thank you for choosing to visit our blog! 

Today we will be at the Wipperwill Hollow Farms participating in the "Field of Greens" Festival. It showcases some of the most talented chefs from Atlanta and Athens coming together to create wholesome, organic food. 

Our mission in participating in an event like this is to show how much fun it can be obtaining those wholesome, organic ingredients. We strive on the "adventure" part of locating food from local farms, dairies, and markets. Hence the name, pedalvore.

We believe that by saving energy and emissions by riding your bicycle around town to obtain your local ingredients is a more environmentally friendly and a new way to experience food. We like to call ourselves bicyclist foodies. We hope that you will follow us on twitter and look for us at events in the Atlanta area. 

As always,

Love to Eat, Eat to Ride